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Brand new CTS member Simon Heys put together this compilation of WHS Chromebook FAQs. He covers everything from printing from our chromebooks to iBoss and more. Teachers, click through to the Google Doc and SHARE with your students BEFORE sending them down to the CTS desk. Many common issues can be solved in the classroom with the help of Simon’s document.


As Wilmington High School students, it seems everyone is always having some kind of issue with logging in somewhere or a simple task they just need refreshed on. This Post will take you to the new problems kids get throughout the school day or basic tasks that will help them in class. Some of this months common issues have been:

  • What to do with a frozen chromebook
  • What to do when a chromebook won’t connect to WiFi
  • Not knowing how to log into ProgressBook
  • Error message from ProgressBook
  • Printing from your chromebook
  • Problems with iBoss
  • Learning to take screenshots

These are just some of the most common issues that are given, however more tips and tricks can be discovered by asking us here at CTS. By clicking HERE, you can find out much more about the solutions to all of your WHS chromebook problems!

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Creating Distribution Groups in the new Gmail

One of the great features about Google is how often they come up with new features and updates.

One of the frustrating things about Google is also how often they come up with new features and updates.

Jessica Grimes and I were trying to figure out how to create Distribution Lists in the new Gmail this morning. While its not hard, it has changed from the way it was done before. Basically you will need to go into your Contacts app by clicking on the grid of 9 squares at the top right. From there you will create a new LABEL (name it for the group you want), then you will go to your list of contacts and apply this label to them by clicking the three dots to the right.

This 3 minute video explains it in easy to understand steps.

Keep on track!

I was really proud of 1st year CTS member Ryan Doan for his first Screencast covering Google Calendar. This is worth watching if you need help getting started using Google Calendar or if you are a teacher wanting to see how Google Calendar integrates with Classroom from the student perspective. Hi-five Ryan if you see him! Click on view original post to view video.

Just-Doan-It's Blog

Falling behind on assignments? Stay on track with this app!!!

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You Need to Organize and Prioritize, Google!

I highly recommend taking 2 minutes to watch this video. CTS member Aaron gives you tips to PRIORITIZE your Google searches – crucial information for all students and teachers.

The Cane Tech Squadian

One thing that a fair amount of people don’t know about is how to prioritize their searches in google. Whether you’re writing an essay for Mrs. Knoblaugh, or an article of the week for Mr. Oney. Prioritizing what comes up in your search in rather important. I’ll teach you how to do so, in the video below.

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UDL through Screencasting

UDL Principles

By creating short informative videos on your chromebook teachers can help students access information in a variety of ways. Whether you are flipping classroom instruction or simply providing students another pathway to content, screencasting is simple and can be reused in the future.

Watch this short video to learn about how to use Nimbus to create screencasts which are videos of what is on your computer screen narrated by you. Screencasts can also be student-created to demonstrate knowledge and understanding and then shared with future classes.

Screencastify is another App that can be used for this purpose as well. Let us know if we can help!


Removing Extensions and Apps

Apps and extensions in Google Drive can be simple to install but tricky to delete.

Here are a couple of suggestions for getting rid of those pesky apps or extensions that you tried out and no longer want to use:

1.  If the new app or extension is automatically opening your file you can:  Right click on a google drive file and choose open with…  then choose the app or extension you want to open the file.  In most cases you will want to change it back to google docs or whatever used to be the default.
2.  To completely get rid of an app or extension click the gear icon in the top right of your google drive.  Click settings and choose manage apps.  From there you should be able to uncheck the use as default for the app or extension OR click options and remove completely.
Hope this helps and as always leave feedback so we know if this tip was useful.

Next Level Exit Tickets with Socrative



Socrative is a great EdTech tool that allows teachers to create quizzes and other content for use in the classroom.  While there are a lot of options for doing this, Socrative’s Exit Ticket tool is what makes it stand out.

Use Socrative as an Exit Ticket tool to collect formative assessment data to drive your future instruction and reflect on the current day’s lesson.  This is a strong way to bring technology into your classroom in ALL subject areas.

Socrative keeps it simple – the Exit Ticket defaults to the following questions:
–  Student Name
–  How well did you understand today’s lesson (multiple choice)
–  What did you learn today (short answer)
–  Solve the teacher’s problem (a quick problem you provide)

Answers will be compiled for the teacher to review.

There is a little bit of set-up in order to get this to work but it is VERY EASY.  Teachers will download Socrative Teacher App and students will need to download the Socrative Student App from the Chrome Web Store.  As with other cloud-based EdTech tools teachers can create a class and then give students the code to join.

If you are even a little interested I would encourage you to watch this video which walks you through the process of creating Exit Tickets using Socrative.  As always let us know if we can support you in getting started with this tool.  Please let us know if you end up using Socrative in your classroom or if you already use it let us know how it’s going.


WHS 1:1 Midyear Reflections

Student and Teachers at WHS have had an interesting year.  The introduction of 1:1 with the chromebooks has significantly changed the way we teach and learn.

Students have had to make adjustments to their learning and organizational styles.  Most teachers have embraced Google Classroom to help students stay on task with what is going on in their classes.  Offline mode has helped close the digital divide by allowing students to work on projects from home.  cbs

Teachers have had to re-evaluate the way they present materials to students.  In several subjects new textbooks provided online resources and the ability for students to access textbooks on their chromebooks.  Students are using email and checking progress book much more frequently meaning the connection to teachers has increased.

All in all the introduction of 1:1 Chromebooks here at WHS has been quite successful.  While it has come with its share of challenges, the benefits have far outweighed any negatives.  We have many resources available for those who need support in any of these areas.

1:1 Resources:
Cane Tech Squad – The CTS Help Desk students are always willing to help students or teachers with any tech related issues.
Ext: 7236  Email: techsquad@wilmington.k12.oh.us twitter: @CaneTechSquad

Library Books – We have quite a few new books (yes, books) about chromebooks and bookEdTech.  Teachers should check out Classroom Management in the Digital Age for tips on keeping students on task while using the chromebooks.  Stop in the library to browse these titles.

Technology Cleanse

Another Weekend without Tech post, this time from Carter Nichols.

Cane Tech Squad

Going an entire weekend without technology would be a refreshing experience. I feel like many of the things that I do on a daily basis revolve around technology and it would be nice to get a break from it all for once. School work is probably the main thing that includes the work of technology but social media, games and t.v. also all completely rely on technology. Going without all of these things for an entire weekend would be a struggle at first no doubt but I feel like it would give me a chance to focus on other things for once like catching up on a good read, imagesor maybe even just writing down my own thoughts for a change. I would have to completely shift my way of socializing with many people in my life. Everything would have to either be done in person or not at all…

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