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Exploring Genres: Historical Fiction

Today in the Learning Commons we explored Historical Fiction with Ms. Moore’s Honors English 2 students.

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Historical Fiction includes any books set in the past.  Students seem drawn to this genre especially when it comes to stories that they can relate to in their own lives.  Students realize that some of the same issues, struggles, and even solutions they face today were also present in the past.

We also took some time to evaluate how to select a book based on reading and interest level.  Students evaluated books and rated them based on how interested they would be in reading the book.  They then had the opportunity to check out a book to use with an independent reading assignment for 2nd quarter.

To look for Historical Fiction books in our library use the following link (while at school): http://destiny



All About the Books

FullSizeRender (11)Technology is a huge part of the library but we are still all about the books.  Here are some important details to remember when checking out books here at WHS:

You can have 2 books at a time, 4 if they are for a class.

Books are due after 2 weeks.  There is a 1 week grace period after which you will receive overdue notices in your 5th period class.

Literacy Library books can be out for up to 6 weeks.  These are books that English teachers assign for use in their class.

Remember – your books are due whether you get a notice or not.