Printing from Chromebooks


Printing is now working from the chromebooks.  The directions are easier to show than to tell so please follow this link for the instructions.


Quiz feature in Google Forms

Mr. Wallingford turned me on to the Quiz feature in Google Forms.  If you are looking for a way to give quick feedback to students give this a try as an alternative to Flubaroo.

Getting started with Quizzes in Google Forms is simple.  Open a new form from Google Drive and click on settings.


Choose the Quizzes tab and follow the prompts.


It appears that while Flubaroo might be a bit more powerful, Google Forms is simpler.  Mr. Wallingford also told me that he found it was more accurate in grading student responses.

Give it a try and send feedback.


Newsela (www.newsela.com) is a great free resource for articles and text sets written for classroom use.  You can change the article’s reading level with a click.  There is a writing prompt and quiz to go with each article again customized to the selected level.
You can also create a class and assign texts and reading to your class or individual students.  This would blend well with Google Classroom.
There is a paid version that gives you reports on student progress and such but for the most part it is free.

Tech Tips – Staying Organized in Google Drive

Now that we are using Google Drive and Classroom more and more here at the high school it is important for you to come up with a way that helps you keep your Google Drive organized.

 FullSizeRender (10)
Remember, you can SEARCH your drive by typing in key words in the search box at the top.  Keep this in mind when naming your files.
Here are some tips to help you stay organized:
–  Name everything  Make sure there is nothing named untitled in your drive.  If there is, right click on it and choose rename. The first action you should take when creating a document is to name it.
–  Naming Convention  Use a naming convention when naming a file.  A naming convention is a system that will help you organize and retrieve files.  A suggestion might be to use the date and teacher name in front of the file name.  For example 101215_reed_research.  This will help you locate the file later when you search by either file name, date, or teacher.
Folders and Colors  Use folders and colors to keep your file organized.  Create a folder or color system for each class.  Experiment with the different ways you can change the layout of your files in Google Drive by clicking the List View and Sort Options buttons.  Keep a Junk Drawer or Miscellaneous folder to keep files that are temporary or just need a place to live.